Marc Bennetts has reported on a wide range of topics, including the anti-Putin opposition, the crisis in Ukraine, the Kremlinís nuclear threats, Russian eco-protests, Soviet psychics, Iranian comic book artists, North Korean football, and Siberian punk. Links to selected articles, in no particular order, below.

"Rex Tillerson's Warm Relationship With Putin Chills Kremlin Critics's Hopes"   - Newsweek

"Putinís holy war"   - Politico

"Tim Barrow, invisible ambassador"   - Politico

"Putinís army prepares for 2018 World Cup"   - Politico

"Death threats over film of tsarís affair"   - The Times

"Putinís rival barred from election by fraud verdict"   - The Times

"North Korean defector faces torture or death"   - The Times

"Moscow spy chief accused of treason over US hacking"   - The Times

"Nato accuses Russia of stoking tensions in Europe over Baltic deployment of anti-ship missiles"   - The Telegraph

"Russia's Bad Health Care System Is Getting Worse"   - Newsweek

"Chechen leaderís boys in cage fight spectacle"   - The Times

"Boom in clairvoyants that Moscow didnít see coming"   - The Times

"Putin's War in Syria: Why Russians Don't Seem to Care About It"   - Newsweek

"A New Russian Law Targets Evangelicals and Other 'Foreign' Religions"   - Newsweek

"Fear and football: My night in Moscow with the Russian Ultras"   - The Times

"Down Syndrome Kids Are Still Made to Feel 'Undesirable' in Russia"   - Newsweek

"Satire is Thriving in Russia, While Many Russians Aren't"   - Newsweek

"Putin names judo sparring partner as head of new National Guard"   - The Times

"Torture and Abuse by Police Is the Norm in Russian Prisons"  - Newsweek

"How Putin tried and failed to crush dissent in Russia"  - Newsweek

"Exposed: bungling Kremlinís spy plot"   - The Times

"Chechen leader Kadyrov 'threatens whole of Russia', opposition says"   - The Guardian

"The Kremlin shows the world how to make an AIDS crisis worse"   - Newsweek

"Orchestraís note of defiance still reverberates"  - The Times

"Russian paranoia spurs spike in treason trials"   - Newsweek

"Russian truckers drive a hard bargain"   - Politico

"The Kremlin's Holy Warrior"   - Foreign Policy

"Growing up in the shadow of ĎBrother Putiní"   - Politico

"The Kremlin Knows What You Like...on Facebook"   - Newsweek

"The art of protest in Putin's Russia"   - Politico

"Putin's Syria Adventure May Backfire at Home"   - Newsweek

"Fear and family values in Putin's Russia"  - Politico

"Russia on way to legalising prison beatings"  - The Times

"A Drive to Remember Stalin's Victims Is Being Threatened by Putin's Push to Revise History"   - Newsweek

"Cossacks on the run to protect nature"   - Politico

"Russian Communists are turning to Christ"   - Newsweek

"Putin's 'trauma' as Western leaders boycott his Victory Day parade"   - Newsweek

"A Year After Annexation by Russia, Crimea Remains Bitterly Divided"   - Newsweek

"Putin: Will he go nuclear?"   - Sunday Telegraph

"On The Terraces At Football's Most Dangerous Derby"   - Esquire

"Murmansk: Life In The City Without Sunlight"   - Esquire

"Putin's bikers teach children to hate West"   - The Times

Why nothing will dent Vladimir Putinís soaring popularity at home  - The Guardian

"Russia: Could these protests topple Putin?"   - Sunday Telegraph

"Iranian Comic-Book Artists Seek a Unique, Local Identity"   - The New York Times

"Eduard Limonov interview: Political rebel and Vladimir Putin's worst nightmare"   - The Observer

"Faith healer Anatoly Kashpirovsky: Russia's new Rasputin"   - The Observer

"When Chechnyaís hardman took on the boys from Brazil"   - The Times

"Sanctions squeeze Tehran families as fear of war grows"   - The Times

"Raging in the cold: the Siberian punk who changed the face of Russian music"   - Calvert Journal

"If North Korea go out of the World Cup, will anyone hear them fall?"   - The Guardian